I should've been posting more from Hawaii, but who could think about using a computer when you're in paradise? I couldn't do that, but I did keep my travel journal which should go up sometime in 2011. For now, let me write down some recollections that could've been part of a blog post, but failed to materialize.

The flight out is the suck.
Can't you just drop us off here?
Hawaii has more radio stations playing reggae as Jamaica. I presume.
The Big Island looks just like Iceland, except for the palm trees.
There are no plants on the west side of the Big Island, then you go up over Mauna Kea and lushness abounds.
These clubs make me have the same game? Maybe I should hit a driver more often?
Bob is a crazy driver.
This road is painted onto the side of Mauna Kea, then paved, then under construction.
I need Dramamine.
Stars are cool. Wish I could see the Milky Way. Or a galaxy. But that fuzziness in Orion's sword is still pretty cool.
That dude was a star geek.
This lagoon is pretty cool.
That paddle boarder is way out there. So are we.
Is this turtle mating? No. It's getting its teeth cleaned. Or did it just ate that fish?
Snorkeling, meh?
This breakfast is awesome. Eggs sunny side up on rice with some sausage? Over easy with mahi? Yeah it's good.
More fish.
Go to Big Island Candies.
Must remember how to rent a car. Or a van. Or at least something on this island!
Nendoroids on vacation. Nakano!
Is place is the fake Hawaii?
The west side of Oahu is the real Hawaii. Too real.
Can we go to the North Shore now?
Shave Ice!
I can really crank a driver. Never new that.
My iron play is gone. The hell!?!
Eagle! No. Birdie!
I haven't had any fruit yet.
This guy can cook!
A lot!
Lechon! Is awesome.
But it's awesome.
Ramen. No. Sushi. Yes.
Everyone drives the speed limit in Hawaii. When you're in paradise, what's the hurry?
Did I just go to Tokyo?
What kind of crazy tees does 88 Tees serve? Only the Japanese can like them.
Bob has an awesome view. Plus these Diamond Head breaks look smooth and easy.
We need Hawaiian Sun drinks on the mainland.
This hotel is hip.

There's probably more, but I probably can't remember any of it. It was a great time. I wonder how long it will take to get back.

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