Someone cool please write the Harry Potter wherein Hermione is in a shojo manga.

A muggle born girl finds out that she has been accepted into the prestigious Hogwarts Academy. When she arrives she has to negotiate through a new, magical setting and new, magical friends and/or rivals. She studies real hard to become one of the best students in her class and in all of Hogwarts, but finds that that is not enough to win the admiration of the school. She is overshadowed by Harry Potter. Harry Potter who seems to not do anything to achieve his standings. Harry Potter, mediocre in his studies. Harry Potter, mediocre in his magic. Harry Potter beloved by the school. Will this rivalry last throughout school and will it turn out to be something more? And what about Harry's saucy sidekick, Ron Weasley. Quiet but friendly, Ron Weasley. Can he be the one?

Well, someone. Get started!

(I guess you really have to be into manga to understand how funny this would be. See Ouran High School Host Club, Kitchen Princess, etc.)

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