I heard that Christmas day is one of the days in which people watch a lot of movies at the theatre. Although, we caught it on the day after,True Grit (2010) was our Christmas movie. And while it wasn't packed at all, it was more people than I expected given that a snow storm was coming and the movie was a Coen brothers film.

Ahh, Coens! Their last film was serious so this one has to be a comedy. You wouldn't know it from the commercials that play up the fact that this is a western. And you wouldn't know it that the last time the book was filmed, it had John Wayne in his only Oscar winning role as Rooster Cogburn, one of the protagonists. Jeff Bridges will make you forget John Wayne. But not The Dude.

The young lady playing the lead is pretty good. She would get an Oscar nomination if she wasn't the lead but the supporting actress. She was good. Very serious as a character and whose seriousness brings out some of the hilarity of her situation.

Jeff Bridges is good too. Somewhat dudish, but only in some of his locution as he sounded more like the dude than a old-timey US Marshall.

I liked the movie for the simple fact that it was funny at times. It made watching it during my Christmas break enjoyable, and the mirth in the movie overshadowed some of the more gruesome parts of the story. It was good enough for 2 young kids to watch as well, as long as they don't mind the dialog.

3 of 5 stars.

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