Surfing around YouTube last night because I was really, really, really wanting to hear more K-ON!. As you know how it goes, you find a video, then follow the related videos and follow and follow and follow. Next thing you know a couple of hours have gone out the window. Wait, I was looking for K-ON! covers and now I'm listening to "Diamond Cravasse" sung by Ranka and Sheryl (Megumi & May'n) accompanied by the great Yoko Kano. How'd that happen when a few videos back there was that awesome May'n cover of "God Knows?" And that SCANDAL cover of "Don't Say You Are Lazy" with Shoko-tan? When are these going to be music breaks?

Don't worry all in due time.

Anyhow, this is a sweet performance of "Diamond Cravasse" from Macross Frontier. Perhaps the best song from that anime. It's usually sung by May'n but with the help of Ranka's voice actress, Megumi-chan, a duet of great sadness. Hit me up in comments to show your appreciation. Count this song as number 7.6 in the "You Should Be Watching Anime" list.

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