Hawaii 2010/Yakinuku

Best story from the vacation...

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving we make it into Town, Waikiki, to see the Bob. We're also hungry, so after he closes up shop at the Mall, we go out in search of food.

"We're gonna go to that Korean barbeque joint next to the strip club."

And we're off. Two cars looking for that Korean joint by the nudie bar. The car I'm in stops at the first Korean joint, nudie bar combo we pass. There's Yakuza hanging out front. This must be the place! In we go.

"Table for 15." "Right, away!"

"Water." "Here you go!"

"What's this button?" "Summon you waiter!"

Five minutes pass.

"Should we order or should we wait some more."

"How many Korean joints next to nudie bars are there in Honolulu?" "This HAS GOT to be the place, right?"


"Where you guys?" "We're at the Korean joint next to the nudie bar."

"No you're not. We are." "No. We are."

Sorry, Yakuza Korean grille, we're at the wrong place.

We're in the car and drive one more block over. Here's the Korean joint next to the strip club. Who knew?

But look at this picture. It says volumes about how happy we were to eat yakinuku.

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