Currently, just chilling in front of the boob tube with the blinds open and watching the snow come down. It's a very interesting sight, because from where I sit see the main road. A car passes by every once in awhile, slowly, and I wonder how they trudge through this wintry weather. It's supposedly coming down a couple of inches an hour, and it's supposed to last well into the night. This is the best storm so far this winter.

Earlier at work, when it was still just rain, I had knew I had to leave early. When a co-worker packed up and left because his wife told him that northern Harford county was getting snow, I decided to get going while the going was easy. That was 3:30. Half an hour later and safely at home, the rain turned into sleet, and then another thirty minutes it was driving snow. If I had stayed at work as I would usually do, I would've been driving in this mess. I'm starting to get smarter about the commute in this weather. Took me 10 years.

Now, I have the lights off and the television on. I have finished dinner. My stock of ramen dwindling. I'm craving some sweets and want to walk up to the Royal Farms for something, but decide against it. If I can only peer at the traffic like you can with the traffic cameras on CHART on the web, I may just go out for a walk. These cameras are a great way to watch the winter arrive. It's also just as good as watching television. It's all live and real.

Time to stay warm and dry tonight.