First Hole Kiawah Island Ocean Course

Bashing the golf ball has been fun. Maybe it would've been super fun back in the day if I didn't have to deal with lame equipment. Perhaps it time for an upgrade.

Love this photo from back in the day when I use to go on golfing vacations with my dad, brother and titos. It's the first hole on the most difficult course I've played, Kiawah Island Ocean Course. The layout was tough enough with tiny, raised greens to shoot at. The wind blowing off the ocean just contributed to the difficulty. The fairways were wide and generous only because with the wind keeping it on the fairway was tough. Off the fairways, your stuck in sand. It's bunker shots all the time.

This shot is from the first hole. Nice and easy here. I think I bogeyed. We got three holes in, before the wind came up. It was a nasty day. My brother gave up and hated it, but it was a fun, fun day. We'll be back someday.