The King's Speech tells the fascinating tale of Young Prince Albert who became King George VI father to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. He stutters which is not good for aspiring to be King. Yet, it is hinted that his stuttering is because he doesn't want to be King. Guy Pearce even doesn't want to be King, and he wishes that he wouldn't become King replacing Dumbledore. So he abdicates to sleep with that harpie from the colonies. Prince Albert assumes the kingship and must be regal. Will his speech impediment hinder him?

This movie is the story of Albert trying to live up to being royalty and to meet the challenges of the changing world. It follows his relationship with the speech therapist, Lionel Logue. The Prince wants a cure. The therapist wants the Prince to be true to himself and act as kingly as possible. They clash in styles. High-low. Commoner-king. Teacher-student. Patient-doctor.

The reluctance of the Prince to take on the mantle of the heir apparent manifests in his stuttering. The pressure is great on him. He must be great and rise up to the challenges that were facing England and the world in 1930s. The weight of the world is on the stuttering fool. He will recover with the help of the speech therapist.

I liked it. I liked that it was something in the Prince to overcome: being afraid. I liked Geoffery Rush as the Prince's speech therapist. His character didn't care if it was the King he was helping. They were all of the same caste. I guess it takes an Australian to not be too concerned for the social station.

I also liked the fact that Helena Bonham Carter acted. You forget that she can because she's always directed to be over the top. As Queen mother, she is the rock base for the Prince. She loves him and wants him to be as good, as great, as she believes him to be. The love helps him. Bonham Carter makes it believable. Dial her down a notch and she becomes watchable.

You know this rating is going to bite me next January, but I really dug this film while watching it. Very well told story, good acting, and clear direction. It's been some time that I've doled out the max, so here it is. Because it is all true.

5 of 5 stars

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