As of this moment, I was reading my archives trying to gauge how well I wrote. I also followed a few links from these old posts just to see if they were still linking to something and if their owners were active. Unfortunately, I find out #!usr/bin/girl has stopped writing since 2009. She's probably switched platforms and URL. On her front page, we find today's link.

It goes to some dude giving tips to taking pictures of cute, small, plastic figures. Hey, I do that, too! All his tips are valid, but I think I've already discovered them out on my own using trial and error.

I'm posting this link though to remind my readers that my hobby collecting nendoroids and anime figures is not as weird as you think. There are other peopled doing the same. Other people who are not crazy otaku.

At least this link gives me the motivation to make my shots of nendoroids better. I wish the dude had some tips on setting up a model shoot indoors. What lighting to use. What backdrops to use. I want to stage a photo shoot of each of my nendoroids and make them look awesome. Trial and error may work.

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