After the humiliating defeat to the hated Steelers, what's a Ravens fan to do? Well instead of getting chocolate wasted, I had to vent my frustrations on twitter (Follow @browsermetrics on twitter yo!) Most of my invective was aimed at Joe Flacco the QB. Well I had to because it would seem like he had lost the game for the Ravens. Two turnovers on consecutive possessions does not make a good outing for a QB. It was bad. And I was angry.

Of course that's the way the ball bounces. Someone's got to lose, unfortunately it was the Ravens.

The next day, I felt like pizza. Stopped by the local pizza haunt and look who's eating lunch -- my buddy, Joe Flacco. Should I berate him? Should I yell at him? Give him a sarcastic comment?

I wished him good luck towards next year. He thanked me. As he was leaving the area he signed some autographs for a couple of kids. I couldn't get angry at him. It was just that one day.

Classy guy. Wish he could've won the game. There's always next year.

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