I've got a little label highjacking to do. Sorry, seed, but it's taking you too long to get through 17.5 hotties. Perhaps that's why you don't get too many readers. You take years to post something. Just do it. Let me add my hotties to the list.

My take on hotties is that they should just be plain gorgeous. A beauty that makes you stop dead in your tracks and thank the deity for the wonderful world he made. So when I was watching The Town, the actress playing Claire made me thank kami-sama for this wonderful world in which Rebecca Hall lives.

Now if you watched The Town you would've seen her first as the hostage. She was dressed as an OL and in that dark suit with the white blouse, she looked every bit a hottie. Something about OLs just boils my potatoes.

As the movie continues, she becomes more adorable. You find out that she's pretty tall. And you can just about make out the freckles on her face. Then you think back and remember her as an OL, and you continue the cycle. One thing you may not know from watching The Town is that Ms. Hall is English.

She's also been a few more movies such as Vicki Christina Barcelona and The Prestige. I've not seen the former, and I don't remember her in the latter. Perhaps she should be in the next ScarJo movie, if ScarJo ever makes another movie. If she is, I know I wouldn't be looking at ScarJo.