It's almost Oscar night, and once again, I give you, my reader, a chance to bask in the fame and glory that Hollywood provides that night. It's the Fourth Annual BrowserMetrics Oscar Pool.

You know how to play: pick the eventual winners of the Oscars in all categories. Collect points. The most points wins.

I'm being particularly sadistic this year, though. I've changed the scoring structure and rules to win.

All categories are mandatory. The amount of points that a correct answer is worth is up to you this year. You can choose from 1 or 2 points in the "minor" categories and up to 3 points in the "major" categories. Choose wisely, because not only do you earn the points for the correct answer, you loose the points for a wrong answer. It's a bet your placing that your hunch on the Oscar is correct. I'll spot you 10 points; that's 10 categories that you can totally guess at. The other 14 (I think) will give you nightmares.

The winner is the one with the most positive points. Most positive points gets you a copy (DVD, VHS, torrent, download) of any of the 10 Best Picture nominees when they are available in the United States. You can also win the no-prize of guessing the most correct, but it's the points that count.

Good luck. Click me to start the madness

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