Hawaii 2010/Waikiki

Friday night and we go to town.

My nephew, mom, aunt and I spend it wandering around Waikiki. We had planned to walk to Ala Moana several blocks away, but decide against it as the road got dark and the ladies didn't feel like making the trek.

We get some Starbuck's and join the crowd of tourists as they wander around the main drag. We don't get close to the beach, but we do get close to the real Hawaii.

We stop into 88 tees. I'm looking for something cool, but the place is a mad house. Japanese tourists up the wazoo fill the isles and I worry that I can't buy anything because I can't speak japanese. Yet, I don't find anything because the shelves are messy and I don't like any of the hipster tees they sell. The nephew finds some hipster vintage football tees, but for thirty dollars, it ain't worth it.

Behind 88 tees, you can find the seedy side of town -- the porn video palaces. The nephew finds one of their pamphlets. Hoy!

We're lost for a bit before we wander into the Waikiki duty free mall. Again, nothing but Japanese. Up a few floors, we shop like the Japanese tourists, but don't buy anything as this mall is the fancy pants stores. I watch the cute girls go by.

Then we wait. In the cool night, we wait to get picked up to go back west. The cousin comes by later than expected. Our one night in Town is done.

More fun photos to look at on my flickr Hawaii Vacation 2010 Set.

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