If you have to see a movie with Natalie Portman doing the dirty, make it No Strings Attached rather than Black Swan. She enjoys the sex much better in No Strings Attached. You will enjoy her too as this movie gives you a chance to catch multiple glimpses of Natalie Portman skin. Not that I was looking.

In No Strings Attached, Portman plays the man role in a rom-com. She's the one who is non-committal. Ashton Kutcher plays the girl role smitten from the beginning waiting for the right man to commit. They make for a refreshing rom-com couple. Ivan Reitman directs a script written by Elizabeth Meriwether, a woman, and he comes back with a solid effort than makes you forget his past couple of stinkers. It was the script that makes the movie.

I laughed throughout. I almost cried, but knew that this was where it was going to end. I wanted to see these two get together because I was rooting for love. I always root for love, but I don't mind all the fun sex that lead them to love.

It's deserving of a much higher ranking.

3 of 5 stars.

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