I finally put the VW back on the road. A week before the Hawaiian Vacation, it threw coolant warning lights on the dash, which turned out to be a leak in the cooling system. I put her in the garage and left her until this month. The snow forecasts forced me to get her fixed. I trust her tires more than the ones on the Cooper S. Hers are newer, less wear, and more all weather types.

This morning, as I started her up to get to work, I placed my hand on the light switch. I stopped by the deli to get breakfast, and when I started her again, I placed my hand on the light switch. Where does this behavior come from?

I know I do this all the time. Subconsciously, I place my hand on the switch. At times, I flip the switch on. I do this most every time I start her up. Even when I know I do this, I can't help it. I do this in the Cooper S as well. There is no switch on the dash for the lights, so I am reaching for air. Perhaps, writing about it will stop this behavior.

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