*bong* *bong*


So goes my imagination of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo's sci-fi manga masterpiece, as I read through Jason Thompson's overview of it at ANN. I saw the anime years ago what the U now calls the Cosford Cinema. Big as life on the big screen with all that chaos of Neo-Tokyo, it was an amazing experience and came to epitomizes anime when I was a young buck.

But today's link gives you a reading of the manga that didn't make it very much into the anime. So there was more to it? Yeah, I would guess so, because the anime at times is confusing.

I do have few issues of the original US run of the "comic." They are pretty cool issues with a very distinct cover design. I should scan a few as the issues signify that this is not a kid's book: this is AWESOME!

And still, "Tetsuo!" rings in my ears...


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