Faced with a dwindling bank account, I'm trying to cut spending on things that I have control over. I can't change my spending on gas, because it's mostly going to work. I can't change my spending on groceries, because I don't spend much on it. I may have to raise spending on groceries though, because my spending on dining out is outrageous. My cost of housing is fixed. I've cut down on buying manga. And I am trying to limit my electricity bill.

It's low, but I am suffering. The thermostat reads 80 and that's with the relatively warm weather lately. It's gonna be a hot week in the 90s and I can imagine the thermostat reading upper 80s.

I'm playing chicken with how hot I can manage it. What suffers the most is my sleep. I am on my couch downstairs to try and keep cool, but I am sleeping only in my boxers because it is too hot. I get up two to three times a night, because I am tossing and turning. Tossing and turning on the couch means falling off of it.

Perhaps, today I will see if the aircon works. If only for a day...

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