Back home from the tonight's game. Made some updates to the picture posts because they were upside down.

It was a close one and the O's should've one that one, but shoddy defense cost them the game. Felix has got to catch that ball. It hits your glove you should've had it. I think Nolan would've gotten that one. And our first baseman who's up for only a few games doesn't make the catches to keep them in it.

Mark Reynolds clobbered the ball tonight. His second homer was a moon shot that looked to be falling in but just kept going and going and going 415 yards from home, a monster shot. I'll post the video of his first homer soon.

The ball girl wore a pony tail!

Sat with the people I sat with a few games ago. They were old white folks but they seemed to enjoy the game. Good times.

The Yard was rocking tonight in that bottom of the 8th. I hadn't heard it that loud in a long time. Not perhaps since opening day a few years ago and even then. It was something to behold and hear.

I'm 3-2 on the times I've been to the Yard, the Orioles have been battling, and it's summer. Should I go tomorrow?

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