After all the bombast of the latest summer films, Super 8 was a nice respite. It doesn't hit you over the head with action scenes after action scenes, but it builds slow like films of yesteryear, the 70s to be exact.

It harkens back to lots of movies that occurred before the advent of Michael Bay. There is not much spinning or hyper-cutting or stupid action that happens for actions sake. There is a deliberate pace, a build up to the climax.

It's an abandoned alien story with a modern twist. CG. It had some close encounters aspects, mixed with ET, some Goonies, some ID4. It was 1979. It was fun to bike to school, to your friends house, to town. Biking is good. It gets you around. Ask Elliot.

The alien was supposedly friendly. How friendly can you get stuck on this rock since Roswell.? He was also weird. I couldn't decide what he was or if it was cool. Not really, but ET phone home right?

I saw this in a digital theatre and it was dark. Not the movie, but the projection. I should've watched the analog print. Better that way. Has this digital stuff been terrible especially with that 3D technology?

3 of 5 stars

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