These aren't the X-Men I grew up with. This aren't Professor Xavier's first students. Where's Jean Grey? Angel? Scott Summers? Iceman? Who's this Darwin fella? Is he even in the comics? The Hellfire club was the original bad guys? Where's The Fellowship of Evil Mutants? And how fucking funny is the title: The Fellowship of Evil Mutants? I think I got that wrong.

So, I caught X-Men: First Class and wish I hadn't. They retconned everything. Why? Are we so bored of the original X-Men that we could not care to see any of them again? And then they get these guys to fill in? Banshee? Havok? Angel? I know I stopped reading X-Men, but where are all these mutants coming from?

The movie revolves around the Magneto versus Xavier view of being mutant: rule over or co-exist with humanity. Magneto comes through anger to create his world view. Xavier comes from privilege. Magneto was Bondian. Xavier was prissy. When did the X-Men become lame? (Right around the first xmen movie)

Well, at least Rose Byrne was in it. Once again, remember when she was the frumpy one?

2 of 5 stars.

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