Let me tell you about my first attempt at Beef Barley soup. Usually, I stick to vegetable or chicken featured in the soups I make, but I need to learn more about beefy soup. So, I choose to make barley soup this time with the classic beef.

Here's what I did to prepare -- diced a half a white onion, sliced a half a cup of carrots, measured 2/3 of a cup of frozen pea and corn, and soaked over night white beans. Finally, I used the beef marked as 'stew meat' and cut it into smaller sizes.

I threw it all in the slow cooker to cook overnight for about 12 hours.

It turned out alright. Edible, but not awesome.

I should've found more herbs and spices in my cupboard not just bay leaf. I should've cooked the beef before throwing it in the pot. Maybe get it a nice brown color to be more appetizing.

Yeah. It's got to be better. This will be categorized and memorized.