Because @margeemateo asked, here's the dream. It occurred this morning between 4:30 and 6:00. I know because I woke up twice, and perhaps it was the second sleep wherein I went into REM.


We were at a bar, or at a restaurant, or in a park, somewhere where we can gather. It was the usual crew, including @margeemateo, and we were all drinking beer. I think I knew a guy amongst the crowd at the bar.

I slap him on the back! It's the guy from when I worked at Ruby's. Not the short blonde fellow, but the bus boy. I think. Perhaps. Maybe.

"What's up!" I say.

"Drinking! Long time no see."

Then I spy a girl amongst the guys at the bar -- a familiar face. "Who's that there?"

The guy says, "My girlfriend. You know."

It's S! And she's gotten old. As have we all. More round in places, but still the prettiest smile and the prettiest brown eyes. I'll recognize her the same. Or is this a dream and it's wish fulfillment on my end?

She goes, "Hey, howdy!" and gives a kiss hello except it's on the lips and like we were never separated for these 17 years.

How the heck is she going out with that guy? How the heck is she still around? How did I miss my chance at this? I could've been that guy. Why was I a chicken to even try to be that guy? I suck!

Then they both talk about Neil, the blonde guy. His name isn't Neil, and S's name is Mary in this dream.

And then I remembered I had been out drinking with Neil recently in another dream! In that one, we were hanging out in the park drinking. That's how I remember Neil.

Yeah, we were having a fun time. It was good to see her. Then I started thinking that I can have her. I'm better than that guy! I haven't missed my chance yet. I'm still a chicken because I have to begin scheming and plotting.

"How are your kids doing?"

"We don't have kids."

I can still do this.

That's when I introduced my friends. They were sitting in a car and I had to do it through an open window. @margeemateo was there too.

Then I woke up and wondered what the hell this dream meant? Or does it mean anything. It means nothing.