It's been a whirlwind two weeks, but I am home from two weeks in Southeast Asia mainly the Philippines, AKA the Motherland, and Singapore. Fun times with family and friends. Lots of moving about. Never staying in the same house twice except for the wonderful @margeemateo's aunt's. I would like to take the time to thank all who made the past two weeks memorable.

Thanks to Tita Ninfa in Cubao, the lechon capital.
Thanks to Bohol for making me realize how beautiful the Philippine Islands are. The island is like Hawaii, verdent.
Thanks to Rose and Tony Ong for the home base in Metro Manila. Several days we spent there and it was a home away from home.
Thanks to Uncle Paul for the stomach pains. The beer was fine. The girls were pretty. The awkwardness of it all made me want to crawl in a hole and die.
Thanks to Manang Leila for another house to sleep in.
Thanks to Manong Manueal for a peek at some of the exquisite wealth in the PI.
Thanks to Tita Lulu for another look at the 'haves' in the PI.
Thanks to Noel and Lorraine for the tour of Manila and the great Japanese bath off of Roxas Boulevard.

An extra special shout-out/thanks to Margaux for driving me around town. She's the greatest without whom the Philippines would not have been as special. I miss her companionship, and can't wait for it again.

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