I came about this video by accident. I was looking for The Rolling Stones on YouTube because I like playing some of their old stuff. I've learned Around and Around which is the Stones' cover of Chuck Berry from their second album. I've also learned The Last Time which is the song that is the basis of the Verve's only US hit, Bittersweet Symphony. This is where a cover of Herbie Hancock's funky version of Watermelon Man, comes in.

Running into the Stones/Verve Last Time/Bittersweet Symphony lead me to listening in on the differences, but mostly on the similarities. It's the same damn song!

Then I started listening to cover versions of Bittersweet Symphony which lead to trying to play it on the guitar which lead to finding out about digital loopers. Then I started researching looper guitar pedals and ultimately to this video.

Now I have to learn how to play this song, but right after buying a looper pedal.