Sabotage is a dark, violent movie about the war on drugs and the people who fight it. It's also an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. It's not a film with his signature one-liners. Plus, with how dark the film is, you wouldn't laugh at any one-liner.

Sabotage is about an elite DEA squad led by Arnold. During a drug raid, they steal $10 million from a Mexican cartel. When they go to recover the money, they find its been stolen from them. The squad members then start getting killed, and they are forced to worry about if its revenge from the cartel or one them being greedy.

The lineup for the DEA squad was like a manly-man actor squad. They were all tough. Even the girl -- the crazy one. And when she's the crazy one, then you know this movie will be off kilter. There's violence similar to that found in The Counselor very cringe inducing and hard to take in. Torture, head shots, stabbing are just a few of the fun stuff waiting.

I figured that Arnold would return to his action form. Unfortunately, he went dark Arnie as in End of Days/Sixth Day. I wanted an Arnie flick. I got nothing but torture and head shots.

3 of 5 stars.

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