There is no zettai ryouiki in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There is knee high socks and knee high boots, but sadly, no zettai ryouiki. Still, the movie is okay. Nothing special, another comic book movie, except it kept reminding me of the superior, Spider-Man 2. If it had more zettai ryouiki, perhaps it would've been the greatest Spider-Man movie of all!

The second installment finds Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy graduating from high school. Peter is busy punching out the Rhino. Gwen is the valedictorian. She parlays her internship at Oscorp into move to Oxford. Peter parlays his photography into being the one guy who can get Spider-Man. Taking pictures should not equate to having a serious relationship with the guy, and yet it is a convenient trope for writers to get the both together.

The big bad is Jamie Foxx as Electro -- a geek who fell into a vat of electric eels, died, and became an electricity conductor. He's similar to Cane Marko, the Sandman from Spider-Man 3. Jaime Foxx acted all weird as a geek, but then acted all funny as Electro. He reminded me of the creatures in I Am Legend.

The big bad for the next movie will be the Green Goblin's son, the Hobgoblin. He's played by a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike. He also scares me like DiCaprio does.

The writers went down a path I didn't think they would ever do. The did this. I never expected them to do it. It was a plot line I wanted since the first Spider-Man trilogy. I got it. I had never been so sad. It was devastating. No more zettai ryouiki in the third installment.

Andrew Garfield is a different geek than Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker. I can get behind Maguire's riffing and geekdom. Garfield doesn't make me like his geekdom. His Peter is just an ass. I can't believe he squeals like that.

I wish it was a better movie that the Gwen Stacy plot line deserved.

3 of 5 stars.

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