If you like to see Tom Cruise die horrible deaths over and over again, then Edge of Tomorrow is right up your alley. The movie is best thought of as the bastard son of Groundhog's Day and The Battle of LA with Tom Cruise forever running into horrible deaths.

This movie evokes many other movies beyond Groundhog's Day repeat until you get it right premise. There's Aliens with the sergeant played by Bill Paxton leading the rag tag group of soldiers with a large 'Tank' type and a 'Vazquez' type as well. Then there's Matrix with the Mimic enemy looking like the tentacle bots. For me, it reminded me of the Endless Eight debacle from season 2 of Haruhi.

Nice movie. Failing at the box office. You'll catch this on HBO in December. It could be interesting. It could be non-boring. It's a summer movie. At least it isn't Transformers.

3 of 5 stars.

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