Watching Guardians of the Galaxy gave me the feeling that I had seen this movie before. If only I was 7 years old again and without the internet hype machine, then watching this movie would remind me of Star Wars.

Like Star Wars, there was a ragtag band of scoundrels gathered together to save the universe. Instead of Darth Vader, there was some Kree dressed up in darkness. Instead of a princess, there was a bad ass assassin. Instead of Chewbacca, there was Groot. Instead of Luke and Han, there was Starlord and the raccoon. And there was Draxx. 

It was a pleasure to watch. Lots of lasers and lots of the Marvel Universe only true Marvel fans know about.  Kree? Thanos?  Nova Prime?  Hunh?! What? I never read those comics. I just read X-men.  Still, even not knowing, I had fun with these A-holes. 

I wish I was 7 again to enjoy this like Star Wars. 

3 of 5 stars. 

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