Link of the Day [9.13.14]

I saw this thing on the internet that was a preview of a graphic novel about spooky stories. I believe I saw it on AV Club. The thing is I saw that a while ago and lost track of what the graphic novel was about. I'm still sure I saw it at the AV Club, but I can't find it there.

You see I like spooky stories. I love ghost stories, haunted houses, getting the creeps, and goosebumps springing up on along the arm. If there's supernatural things about, I'm there. So a graphic novel with scares is right about my alley.

But I didn't know who wrote it, because I could not remember anything about that AV Club article. Was it even an AV Club article?

Yet, here we are I found it from a link at It's by an artist, Emily Carroll, and she's got plenty of ghastly graphic tales on her site. I want to check them out, then get the book.

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