I went and tried to get more playoff tickets.

I thought it would be nice to invite anyone and everyone along for the second game of the ALDS. I got the chance this afternoon. As a season ticket holder, I had the chance to purchase another 2 tickets to any of the ALDS games.

I went 10 minutes into my scheduled time at 1400. I got a 2 tickets for Game 1. I selected seats for Game 2. No dice the first time. I tried a different section. No dice the second time. I worked my way down the list towards the cheaper and cheaper seats. No dice the third and fourth times.

Then I refreshed my shopping cart and tried again from the beginning.

Wait. There's no Game 2 available.


Now, I have to figure out who to take the first game and who the take for the second game.

Who wants to go?

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