When you read my review about Annabelle, there is only one thing you want to know: Is it scary?

Considering that I am writing this review in the dark of a stormy evening, and that I have to try to remember what scares the movie had, I think that isn't wasn't. There were some. You would've seen them in the trailers, but over all not scary.

Annabelle, the movie, is the prequel to the early part of The Conjuring. It tells how that dang doll became evil.

When we first get a glimpse of the doll, you will laugh. It was a present. When the box opened, you will laugh. It is the most ridiculous doll you ever saw. How can someone want that? Yet, it was accepted with gladness.

Annabelle, the doll, only becomes evil due to evil circumstances having to do with Southern California death cults. It's the Manson Family, but worshipping the devil.

The best scares were in the basement. The elevator scene had me cringing every time the door opened. Running up the stairs was frightening. The floating doll scary. And the way it looked evil from moment to moment made me scared.

Yet. When all's said and done, that's all the movie had. The denouement was lame. I knew it had to end that way.

3 of 5 stars.

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