Big Hero 6 deserves to be as big a phenomenon as the last Disney animated movie, Frozen. Unfortunately, since this one's for the boys, I doubt it would create as big a splash in the American zeitgeist. The young princesses will dominate whereas the asian hero won't.

Disney did this one right. So did Marvel. They made a real diverse animated movie and they made a good one. The lead is an Asian. So is his dead brother. There's a black guy and two women. There's a white guy stoner. And they all are scientists. Except for the stoner white guy. This diversity hasn't been called out in the reviews, but it is cool to see more than white people, and in this instance asians, on the big screen.

The opening animated short was also fun too. I liked that it used cell-shading and didn't look like CG. It's a welcome relief to see a different style.

4 of 5 stars.

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