Keanu Reeves takes a page from Liam Neeson's movie role play book and goes after bad guys who have harmed him in John Wick. The film has been getting decent reviews for a revenge-action movie. The reviews have focused more on the action and the world building than for the story. If you read any further, warning spoilers abound.

Reeves plays a long retired assassin, probably the greatest assassin the underworld of mobsters has ever seen. He retired because he fell in love. Unfortunately, disease took his wife from him leaving him with a broken heart and a puppy his dying wife left for him to love. He crosses paths with the son of his former boss, and in short order finds that he's lost his dog and his car to the punk. Reeves is out for revenge because the punk killed his puppy.

The world in which this film takes place is sort of like our world except that there is a hotel for assassins to stay at without getting killed.

The action was pretty decent. Hand-to-hand combat, close range fighting, and hand guns going off were clear to understand. The gun play was slightly hilarious as they were used like knives. I wanted to see this action in a samurai or ninja setting. Also, the blood was all computer generated so it looked like fake splatters. The fights were real though.

Not bad for a film in the fall.

3 of 5 stars.

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