Fuck do I go to the bookstore lots. Super bored today even though I went to see my niece do her dancing thing. Plus I ate at Phubs -- a brilliant place to eat Phô and 1/2 Bahn Mí. I couldn't take the drubbing the Orioles were experiencing and stage48 is more AKB than Nogi, so off to the bookstore I went for coffee and desert.

Silent Voice Vol. 7 by Yoshitoki Oima. It's the final volume of a pretty great manga. I'm a sucker for redemption stories about love. I first read this on Crunchyroll's digital manga and I finished it up in one night. Seven volumes! Kodansha released the manga on paper for the last year. I've re-read it again and it still is very powerful. I think it's one of the manga to keep on the bookshelf. That's why I bought all seven volumes.

The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank. I was actually looking for his latest but then I didn't like the premise. So I went with this book instead. I've always thought that the GOP is terrible at governing because they do not believe in it. They always say the government is the problem and yet they want to participate in it. Wolf. Sheep's clothing. Like putting a pyromaniac as fire chief. The GOP will wreck shit because they don't believe in a working government and when they break it they'll always say it was because government never works. Fuck those fuckers. Fuck them in the ass. Shit is wrong. They are wrong. Fuck those fuckers.