Captain America: Civil War suffers the same issues as Avengers 2: it feels bloated. It's not the spritely First Avenger or the wonderful thriller of Winter Soldier. It's the kitchen sink and ginormous plotting of Age of Ultron. Perhaps this comes from the source material, the Civil War comic event.

It was nothing like the book but the plot was similar. Should the government control super heroes? Should there be a licensing arm? Who watches the watchmen? It was a story that needed to be told about power and who wields it, but this movie made the scope smaller. Not a civil war between super heroes against super heroes, but Avengers versus Avengers. Small in scope. What does this mean for Marvel Cinematic Universe? The end of Captain America? The end of Iron Man? The end? We'll have to look for X-Men to carry us to Apocalypse.

3 of 5 stars.

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