Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is as good as a sequel can be.

That's a damning one line review. It's just like a sequel to not live up to the expectations of the first movie even though the first movie didn't live up to my expectations. I came expecting more. Instead I got grown ups again and a weird fixation with parents having sex.

The sequel starts with Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan planning to sell their house and move to a more respectable one in which to raise their children. But they seem to not feel like proper parents. They have parent regrets and worries but that's because they maybe are terrible at parenting.

Then we shift to freshmen girls attending sorority rush and finding out how disappointing greek life can be for girls -- lots of sexual harassment by frats. These girls then move into the neighborhood to start a sorority that can be all it wants to be -- women. They begin to party and wreck the chances of their neighbors to sell their home.

The girls and the sorority are all lead by Zack Efron. He has a quarter life crisis. His frat brothers have settled down even Franco is marrying his best man. What he does to pick himself up is to lead the sorority through making money to keep their house. Of course, being older, he falls out with the girls and then joins the neighbors to get them to stop partying for 1 month.

I actually didn't mind the flick, but it could've been better. It could've achieved Neighbors level of hilarity but it was missing a hootie-hoo scene. It could've used a hootie-hoo scene. As now, several weeks later, I can't remember a dang thing.

3 of 5 stars.

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