RIP Champ.

Muhammed Ali is dead. The greatest of all time. Cassius Clay.

Let me share with you the story of the time I met him. I was but an undergrad at the U and was finishing up my junior year. I was the camera man on a student documentary about Midnight Basketball, a night league in the inner city of Miami to keep juveniles on the straight. We were done most everything and the director was putting the film together. He had some contacts such that when the sponsor came to town, he finagled us a meet up with the sponsor. Turns out it was Muhammed Ali. We met him in a downtown hotel after he had given a speech to a GIrl's and Boy's club. It was only a few minutes. We got pictures and autographs. I still have mine -- framed. It is on a Nation of Islam brochure. I never got the picture because I forgot to meet up with the director before he graduated. Somewhere there is a photo of me getting knocked out by the Greatest.