Link of the Day [9.01.16]

Is it?

It is!

NewsRadio Quote of the Day Month has started! It's been a long time. Like a year. Maybe this time I'll get into it again, but the quotes are getting to be slim pickings.

Not much to say today. Just a link of the day. Several hours too late to make you click. But just click anyway.

You're gonna need a translator for this one because I'm sending you over to a Japanese idol's blog. A member from my favorite group, Nogizaka46. It's Hina Kawago. She's writing about taking over center for her kami-oshi, Mai Fukugawa who graduated from the group in June. Kawago-san is one of the least popular members of the group. Fukugawa was one of the most popular of the group. She's beloved by the members, fans, and idol freaks. Kawago is not. So for her to reach center during a really important show it was awesome.

The first time I had read about her taking over center I teared up. Then reading her blog entry through Google translate I teared up again. I am really glad for her. It seems from the amount of comments the fans did too.

Chou zetsu kawaii, Kawago!

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