Bookstore Haul: Volume X Marks the Spot!

There is an itch that needs scratching: travel to Japan. To begin scratching, I am learning Japanese. I should've done this many years ago when I was full on into anime and manga. I've picked up a few books over the years, but my learning has only begun in earnest this year, because of the beautiful members of Nogizaka46 or in kanji, 乃木坂46. Their videos are being pulled from lots of the video aggregation sites that housed hundreds of episodes of their variety programs. The subbed versions of said programs are disappearing quicker. Now you only find their videos on YouTube untranslated and in miniature. I am trying to learn as quickly as possible so as to understand the members. The 3rd gen is there I need to meet them.

Anyhow, I went and got a couple things this time: a map of Japan and a book on the history of the Philippines. Aye, the Philippines my motherland which seems to have taken a back seat to Japan.

Maybe once I get done with the current book I am reading I will get to these. I haven't read a page of the current book I am reading in 12 days...

Travel map of Japan from International Travel Map & Books.
A History of the Philippines: From Indios Bravos to Filipinos by Luis H. Francia

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