I haven't posted too much in the last few years. Since it's NewsRadio Quote Month, I think that I should post more. There are only so many more of these coming. Why not get as many NewsRadio quotes in?

I was thinking about my soap situation. I was running out of soap for the shower. I was down to using a bar I had swiped from a hotel. This means I had to go to the store and get some.

Well, actually, I went in looking for an air mattress so that I could sleep on the floor under the only ceiling fan in my condo, but I also went in for soap.

With the mattress in hand and some sundry snacks as well, I stopped by the toiletries for a package of soap.

Grabbed the usual.

Then saw that they are really starting to target men, because there was a smart looking package of three bars of soap. It was a clear plastic wrap, and the bars were beefy, rectangle slabs of soap. You know that ubiquitous 'hand made' soap store you see at the mall. It was like they were from there. But for men, because I can't imagine for the life of my some guy buying a bar of soap from that 'hand made' soap store in the mall. Although, I almost did once, but that is another story.

Anyhow, I grabbed this package as well just to have an option.

I opened it up the other day and found out it was almost too big for the soap ledge.

It is a beefy, manly bar of soap...

Not sure why I wrote this. Maybe I need an editor.