Is it me or has this month of October been rather subdued in its celebration of Halloween? I think we have the election to blame.

In the months before October, we have seen many horrors from that rat bastard, Donald Trump, that we have forsaken the fake horrors that we reserve for Halloween. We've lost our appetite for horror because we have been living a nightmare of an election.

If not the ghastly leader, but his minions that make us scared of ourselves, in who we've become, and in our neighbors as well. We are surrounded by zombified citizens who will eat our brains not for nutrition but because they want us dumb, too. And the nation is cursed like a werewolf.

We need to wake up. Get this election over with. Kick the rat bastard into history. And make sure we never hear from him again.

I'm all for a more normal spooktacular October.

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