Barnes and Noble is having their bi-annual Criterion Collection sale. That means 50% off any and all Criterion DVDs and BluRays. It's the best time to stock up on any of the Criterion Collection that you've been salivating for. You can wait for few months, mark and spy on which you'll get, then buy, buy, buy once the sale hits.

I usually buy a few even though I've seen most all of the collection I want to see or own. If they find any new Ozu, I'll be there. But there are no more Ozu. So I'll make due when something comes along that intrigues me.

But let me get to the big thing. I just bought 2 Criterion Collection BluRays for cheap because of the sale. I mean I got the hookups. Check this out: not only the 50% sale and the 10% membership discount, but also the 15% off one item coupon. So I saw that the Lone Wolf and Cub box set came out. It usually cost $100, but applying all those discounts which finally amounted to a $39 deal. Now it didn't add up to 75% but that is really good for a Criterion BluRay box set considering that the other disc I bought, Mulholland Dr., sticker price was $40. That disc I got for $18!

So it pays to have been a member of the B&N club. That $25 a year always saves me more than that if you look at the last few Bookstore Hauls. Those are only the few I started to write about. There have been tons more than that...

Lone Wolf and Cub BluRay box set
Mulholland Dr. BluRay

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