The Fox God has smiled on me today. I found the Funko pop for Su-Metal at my local bookstore. She now joins Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal on my mantle. I've had the other 2 since the end of 2015, and I have been on the lookout for the lead singer of BabyMetal since then. It's taken me a year but she finally popped up. Unsurprisingly, I there were more Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal figures there. I was almost gonna give up, but checked around the store once more and found her, staring me in the face. The Fox God is good.

On another note, Su-Metal is Nakamoto Suzuka. Her sister, Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan), is an idol in my favorite thing, Nogizaka46, and it was just announced that she will go on hiatus because of unspecified health reasons for the latest 17th single. I am more of a fan of Himetan because I am more of a fan of Nogizaka46. It will not be the same without her lovely and energetic Himetan Beam. The 5th Year Birthday Live is going to be a tad bit sadder. I am hoping she has a speedy recovery so that she can continue to deliver her Himetan Beam.

Su-Metal by Funko

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