Here's the post wherein I look back at the first month of my New Year's resolutions.

It's happening.  I'm really going forward with it, and while some of them don't seem to come, others are going along just fine.

  • Progress was swift.  I weigh 222 lbs as of yesterday.  That's 8 lbs lost since the 1st of the year!  Perhaps I am losing it too quickly and when summer hits I will gain back the weight.  Need to keep progressing.
  • I think my blood pressure medication has flipped my measurement.  The last time I checked it was 133/85 when it used to be 124/90.  No idea how.  Need to monitor this better.
The Apple Watch has been helpful in tracking and keeping me motivated to workout.
  • 6/5 rowing workouts.  I am trying to keep to every third day schedule.  And I ice down after every workout to keep the elbow from feeling like shit.  I need to row longer as I want to target the weight loss zone.
  • Walks: did more than 10 but they were shorter than last month.  I probably averaged around 28 minutes.
  • Stopped doing workouts besides cardio.  That 7 minute thing made me feel sad because I couldn't even do it all.  
  • I hope it warms up enough to ride the bike.
Professional Life
  • Doing a little bit more at work.  Somewhat like a new title, but I am not pursuing it with enthusiasm.  Not sure if it's because I don't want to or because I don't have to.
  • Picked up a book on node.js which is JavaScript.  May be using this at work.
  • Blogging has just been good.  By a rough count, I wrote about 20 blog posts this month and they were interesting stuff.
  • I have been cooking more, but the meals aren't as good tasting.  Not sure why.  But I still have to eat the dish I created.
  • Japan is a bridge too far for now.  I was gung ho early on.  Now I feel the dread.  I really want to but can't think about it for traveling alone.  Perhaps a week in Tokyo?
  • I really need to pick it up on learning Japanese, but I get too lazy about it.  I have plenty of Japanese books, but need to apply myself more.  A little rigor would do.
  • I did spend less on dining this month versus the same period last month.  It may be 25% or more.  But still it is very easy to want to drink lattes.