Sorry about the bad video below, but that's a fact of life when embedding YouTube videos in your blog. Most every Nogizaka46 video I've posted has been taken down. Sony makes it tough being a foreign fan of the best idol group in Japan. To make it up to you, please buy their latest single from the iTunes store. It's probably their best, most solid single to date. And that's coming from a big fan of the 13th Single which is strong from Type-A all the way to the Regular Edition.

"Influencer" was officially released in Japan on the 22nd. I'm waiting for the CDs! I can't wait to catch the member PVs. It's the only reason why I buy them. This time I paid the shipping tax to get these discs sooner. I'm thinking that they will be here before the member photo books I ordered at the start of the month come in.

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