My Ex and Whys is an import from the motherland. Like all films that I have seen from the Philippines this one is a sappy romantic comedy.

The girl who has been traumatized by her father's infidelity from her mom is looking for a guy who will always be faithful. She finds one who eventually disappoints her. She puts on a bad wig and becomes a blogger: the bakit list. Her tweets are read by millions and she spends her times fighting the gender wars.

There were some nice touches to the film which I liked: the guy's household of males all horn dogs including his father, the chase in Seoul, blogging as a respectable profession. There were things I did not like: the filipino movie cliche of the gay dude, blogging can take you places. And there were things that were plain awful: that wig of hers. It was so bad that they made the guy wear it as well.

3 of 5 stars.

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