Well here we are 10 weeks into 2017 and this is only the 3rd post for reflection on my New Year's resolutions. As you can see, we are slowing down on keeping you, my readers, informed, and making it difficult to hold me to my resolutions. I wonder if I had slowed down at all?

Weight loss is slow. It's a very shallow slop on a graph. I am losing weight, but not fast enough for my taste. Except if the goal was the end of the year, I may make it.
  • Today, I am at 218 lbs.
  • Blood pressure was at 131/93. I don't like these meds I am taking as it doesn't seem to help.
  • My pants are definitely looser, and I can fit into some of those pants that I had abandoned.
  • Resting heart rate is down to the lower 80s (80-82)

February I kicked butt. March I am not so much.
  • Using Gorilla Workout app. I've made it through level 1 on the leg lift challenge. Struggling mightily on the main gorilla workout.
  • 38/120 walks
  • Rowing - Jan: 7/5, Feb: 8/5, March (so far): 4/5
  • Bike rides are not coming. Still kind of scared.

Professional Life
I am most likely going to strike out on any resolutions here. I am too complacent in what I do at work to want to go out and create a newish me. Perhaps, I am not that gung-ho of a person to seek out newer better experiences. Unfortunately, the new site lead is all for expanding one's horizons and accepting new, interesting challenges. I'm not liking that as it will definitely affect my performance reviews at the end of the year. We'll see.
  • Learning a new language? Hardly. As I haven't peeked at that node.js book I've picked up and the ideas for an iOS app are stagnating in Xcode. I should try learning Xcode... again.
  • New job... I wish!

I am not sure if the growth I was seeking here is coming to fruition. Am I learning Japanese? Off and on. Am I angling for a trip to Japan. Yes and no. Am I wishy-washy? Just call me Charlie Brown!
  • Blogging has been silent these past few weeks. That is my fault as I should be writing interesting posts for you to read, but I am to lazy. Again it's the laziness that kills me. Act. Write. Post. I can do more. I should do more.
  • I am cooking more. But it seems I still eat out. Take for example yesterday. I had breakfast at a local spot, but I did cook dinner. I almost went for desert.
  • My dining spending is definitely less than last year, but I've spent more on meals because of birthday dinners!
  • I am starting to drink coffee every weekday morning which may make snack spending stay the same. I need to find something else then.
  • I am no where closer to understanding Japanese than I am to visiting Japan.