It was in my head towards the end of the work week. It's an off Friday. I'm trying to fill the circles. I should start working on the cycling aspect of my resolution. I'm going to break out the bike.

So I did. And I went to an easy ride: the airport loop.

It was a hot day for May yesterday so I tried to get out early. I left my house at 9 and arrived at 9:30. I quickly pulled the bike out of the truck and started turning those pedals. I went counterclockwise around the airport. That way you avoid the hill. But you are still punished with the other hill past the school which is an easier hill to go up. I thought.

As I road through the trees from the parking lot, I felt uncomfortable. I had decided to wear my mountain biking stuff rather than nice tight spandex. It's a 3/4 pant and a shirt. But I was feeling hot already. And annoyed. One thing being that I chose to ride the Kona. She's a single speed so I was hoping that I had something in the legs for the hills. How hard could it be? I used to do this all the time!

Was I wrong? Or what? It's not that it wasn't hard. It's that I was old and am not young so that which I did when I was younger is a bit more challenging as I am older. It's only really been about 7 or 8 years, but there is nothing in these old man legs. I thought the squats I was doing for the gorilla workout would've helped, but that was 3 months ago. Power is not found.

I emerged from the trees and into a warm sun. This is when the clothes started bothering me. The 3/4 knickers style sucks and I wish I was in tight spandex.

As I cranked the pedals, it was easy because it is flat at that section. Yet when the road rose up, the cadence got slower. If I kept the cadence up the ride was simple and smooth. As the cadence dropped, I had to find some power in the legs to drive the bike forward.

Then came the school hill. I was following behind some couple with the baby carriage attachment. They slowed thinking that I could power through them. I did but not for very long. I think they thought I could ride. I couldn't. So I let them pass me on the hill.

As I wound my way around the airport, all I could think about was what a bad choice the Kona was. I should've had the crutch of having some gears. I thought I was physically ready for this considering I was trying to exercise regularly all year. Now I know I wasn't really pushing my physical boundaries, but still I thought I was stronger than I had been the last few years.

I knew around the 4th mile that it was going to be a long ride. In my younger days, I would've done this loop in 45 minutes. I did this in an hour with a few breaks in between. I hate the thought of that.

I really need to start riding some more with dedication. I said I was going to try for 200 miles this year. I hope somewhere within those miles I find my legs again.