Hawaii 2010/Eats Around Town/Before the Yogurt Incident

After writing up the story about Korean grilles and nudie bars, I had to come back to another tale that will be told about this vacation: the yogurt incident. The accompanying picture is minutes before it happened and is part of the incriminating evidence. If you have been reading my Hawaii posts you'll find this one out of order. Sorry about that, but this story has to be told.

We had to get out of Ko Olina and experience the real Hawaii. We leave the place and go one exit down H1 for something to eat. The Seed, Capitol Swell and I head for ramen. My brother and his family go for kind grinds. We hang out for a bit before we go back.

Capitol Swell initiates the Yogurt Incident. He goes into this "make your own yogurt sundae" place and comes out with a gigantic cup of yogurt. It looks good and I go in for some. I'm quickly followed by my nephew who decides to make his own gigantic yogurt sundae. I take the smaller cup, but pay for both.

At this "make your own yogurt sundae" joint, you are charged by the weight of the sundae. It costs me $13 for the two. You can guess which sundae contributed the most to this bill.

We sit down and eat. Moments later the nephew is done. "The cold hurts my teeth." He's only a couple scoops in and he doesn't want it anymore. That makes me angry. And I berate him about it until he runs away.

He comes back saddened and tries to eat more. His mom packs it up and takes it with us. It remained in the freezer until we left Ko Olina. It was there for the maids to eat or throw away.

Dude still owes me yogurt.

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