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Monday, September 22, 2014
I went and tried to get more playoff tickets.

I thought it would be nice to invite anyone and everyone along for the second game of the ALDS. I got the chance this afternoon. As a season ticket holder, I had the chance to purchase another 2 tickets to any of the ALDS games.

I went 10 minutes into my scheduled time at 1400. I got a 2 tickets for Game 1. I selected seats for Game 2. No dice the first time. I tried a different section. No dice the second time. I worked my way down the list towards the cheaper and cheaper seats. No dice the third and fourth times.

Then I refreshed my shopping cart and tried again from the beginning.

Wait. There's no Game 2 available.


Now, I have to figure out who to take the first game and who the take for the second game.

Who wants to go?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It has been a long time since a wrote a post about baseball or the Orioles. I didn't have much to say lately or I didn't know what to say. I see that my last post was from the 2012 season. There was a few from 2013, but nothing really. What is there to say about last year? It wasn't this year!

Woohoo! Orioles won the American League East division! And I was there. I can not believe it. They did well.

This wasn't like 2012. It was no surprise. It was a methodical beatdown of the AL East. They started slow, but as the year heated up, so did the Birds. They played better and better. And here we are.

AL East Champs!

Let's go Orioles!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Link of the Day [9.16.14]

Who the hell is U2? Why did their album just show up on my iPod? Do people still play rock music?

So you got free stuff from Apple, but you don't want it.

Well, here's how to remove it.


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Monday, September 15, 2014
Link of the Day [9.15.14]

How can I not give you a link to a feature on Phil Hartman for NewsRadio Quote Month? It's for his work on SNL, but it can be applied to NewsRadio. RIP Mr. Hartman. I wish we had more years of you playing characters on the big and the small screens.


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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kutiman has made another mashup YouTube video. Like his others, this one is pretty awesome. It's amazing how this guy can mix things together. If you watch each individual YouTube video, you wouldn't know how to stitch it into another song. Kutiman does, and he works magic. I can't wait to hear the rest of these.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014
Link of the Day [9.13.14]

I saw this thing on the internet that was a preview of a graphic novel about spooky stories. I believe I saw it on AV Club. The thing is I saw that a while ago and lost track of what the graphic novel was about. I'm still sure I saw it at the AV Club, but I can't find it there.

You see I like spooky stories. I love ghost stories, haunted houses, getting the creeps, and goosebumps springing up on along the arm. If there's supernatural things about, I'm there. So a graphic novel with scares is right about my alley.

But I didn't know who wrote it, because I could not remember anything about that AV Club article. Was it even an AV Club article?

Yet, here we are I found it from a link at Slate.com. It's by an artist, Emily Carroll, and she's got plenty of ghastly graphic tales on her site. I want to check them out, then get the book.


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Thursday, September 11, 2014
Link of the Day [9.11.14]

I'm only interested in the Apple Watch for figuring out what novel user inputs a developer can do with it. I didn't really want one until I read this review. Woah. Maybe like the iPhone I'll wander into the Apple Store and pick one up. Which to choose?


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014
NewsRadio Quote Month is dead.

Long live NewsRadio Quote Month!


Sunday, August 31, 2014
Let's Be Cops. Let's not.

Let's not be unfunny. Let's not be about a white getting drunk on the authority of the badge. Let's not be about his black friend worried about where that power is taking them. Let's not be about fake cops breaking the law. Let's not be real cops using any means necessary to capture the bad guy. Let's not be about fake cops abusing their power.

In the days since #ferguson, this movie is worst and worst. Cops is bad. Fake cops is badder.

2 of 5 stars.

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Friday, August 08, 2014
Watching Guardians of the Galaxy gave me the feeling that I had seen this movie before. If only I was 7 years old again and without the internet hype machine, then watching this movie would remind me of Star Wars.

Like Star Wars, there was a ragtag band of scoundrels gathered together to save the universe. Instead of Darth Vader, there was some Kree dressed up in darkness. Instead of a princess, there was a bad ass assassin. Instead of Chewbacca, there was Groot. Instead of Luke and Han, there was Starlord and the raccoon. And there was Draxx. 

It was a pleasure to watch. Lots of lasers and lots of the Marvel Universe only true Marvel fans know about.  Kree? Thanos?  Nova Prime?  Hunh?! What? I never read those comics. I just read X-men.  Still, even not knowing, I had fun with these A-holes. 

I wish I was 7 again to enjoy this like Star Wars. 

3 of 5 stars. 

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